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Saturday, 22 August 2015

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Hidden Hong Kong: Waterfall Bay and an Icon Cemetery

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The look on the taxi driver's face was pure confusion - confusion with a dash of concern. 'This is not good' he mused, 'there's nothing there!' He was the third driver to stop for me, but only the first to entertain conversation on hearing my destination. Clearly no one else thought dropping tourists off at a Hong Kong housing estate - however salubrious - was good for business.

Granada, Spain - Ten Things to Do When You've Done the Sights

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I spent this year's Easter break holidaying in Andalucian Spain, with three days spent exploring Granada. I absolutely loved it, and would recommend a stay there to anyone. Visiting the Alhambra, the Cathedral, and the Carrera del Darro almost go without saying, so here are my top things to do in Granada once you've ticked off the sights... 

Finding 'real' Bologna life in Piazza Maggiore

Monday, 8 June 2015

You don't have to deviate far from the path to discover real life in Bologna. The centre of Bolgna's main sights, Piazza Maggiore is also the beating heart of everyday life in the city.

On our first day in Bologna we were thrust immediately into weekend festivities - bands, buskers, and entertainers performing in all corners of the square and down the lengths of the streets leading from it which, on Sundays, become joyfully pedestrian only.

But if we thought such sights were put on for weekenders and tourists, we were wrong.

Sights and Secrets - Venice in a Day

Thursday, 4 June 2015

To do really do Venice at all you need at least a long weekend, but it's still worth the trip if you can only spend a day in the city. It's a truly beautiful place filled with some of the most iconic scenes in travel, but so much of its charm is hidden among the backstreets for the more curious visitor to unearth. A day trip to the city needn't be a 'best-ofs' tick list; here's my version of how to spend one day in Venice taking in both its sights and its secrets...

Bodies, Babies, Nuns and Relics – Using Atlas Obscura in Bologna

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Right before my trip to Bologna last week I discovered Atlas Obscura – an online compendium of “wondrous and curious” travel destinations. With a billing like that I couldn’t resist typing my destination into the search bar and seeing if there was anything I'd not yet stumbled across in my planning.

Immediately, there were two suggestions that captured my imagination - the mummified relic Saint Catherine of Bologna, and the Anatomical and Obstetrics Collection at the Museo di Palazzo Poggi. A morbid pairing perhaps, but these visits turned out to be some of the most memorable of my trip.

(N.B - the rest of this post contain anatomical images which, although not of real bodies, might be best skipped if you're particularly averse to that kind of thing...)

Seven Brilliant Ways To Spend a Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

May's second Bank Holiday is nearly upon us, and as always it's too good an opportunity to fritter away on DIY and damp barbeques. Here's some of my favourite tried-and-tested ways to spend a weekend in the United Kingdom...

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